Early Orthodontic Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first orthodontic exam at age 7. In some cases (not all) correcting dental problems while a child is young may prevent more serious problems from developing and make subsequent treatment shorter and less complicated. Some early treatment solutions we use that can keep little problems from becoming big problems include:

  • Bite Correction Appliances – Overbites and underbites are easier to correct and maintain at a younger age, as opposed to waiting until all the permanent teeth have erupted. Here at Great Lakes Bay, we use a non-headgear approach with one of our many esthetically pleasing bite correctors.
  • Early Extraction – Removing baby teeth can sometimes allow permanent teeth to align better. It is sometimes necessary to remove baby teeth to prevent permanent teeth from erupting into the wrong location.
  • Thumb-Guard – A thumb guard will deter thumb sucking as prolonged thumb- or finger-sucking can have adverse effects on the teeth and the jaws.
  • Early Straightening of Permanent Incisors – Permanent front teeth may be straightened with localized braces starting at about age 8 to 10. Sometimes, this is necessary to correct a functional problem and/or prevent a more serious one later.
  • Crossbite –  In the most common type of crossbite, the upper teeth will fit on the inside of the lower teeth. If corrected early enough with an appliance, jaw disharmony can be prevented.

Early orthodontic intervention can save your child’s smile and save you time and money. Call us for further information today.